Kawasaki 25hp Vertical Engine 1-1/8 #FH721V-GS24 Hustler Replacement Engine

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Kawasaki 25hp Vertical Engine  #FH721V-1-1/8" x 3-15/16" (28.5 x 100mm)

The Kawasaki FH721V is a 0.68 l (675 cc, 41.19 Cu In.) V-twin 90 Deg air-cooled 4-stroke internal combustion small gasoline motor with vertical shaft, manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., for general-purpose applications. The FH721V has vertical PTO shaft, V-twin 90 Deg design with cast iron cylinder liners and overhead valves (OHV). The engine is equipped with twin-barrel, float type carburetor with fixed main jet, pulse type fuel pump and flywheel magneto transistor type ignition system. The Kawasaki FH721V uses a full pressure lubrication system with spin-on oil filter and dual element air cleaner. The engine was equipped with BENDIX type electric starter and 12V-13A charging coil with a regulator. The Kawasaki FH721V develops 25.3 PS (18.6kW 25HP) at 3600 Rpm and 56 Nm (5.7 kg·m, 41.3 Ft. lb) at 2400 Rpm of torque. A 72.5 mm (2.85 In.) cylinder bore and 76 mm (2.99 In.) piston stroke give the motor a total of 675 cc (41.19 Cu In.) of displacement. Compression ratio rating is 8.1:1..3600RPM


When selecting a Kawasaki General Purpose Engine It is important to maintain the equipment manufacturer' specifications (e.g., power, torque, starter type and position, fuel tank location, fuel line routing, evaporative systems, air filter type and location, wire harness routing, muffler location, exhaust direction and muffler accessories, such as a deflector spark arrester, etc.). Install all guards, shields and safety devices as required by equipment manufacturer. In addition, the Installer must adjust the engine to the equipment manufacturer's specification (e.g., low idle speed, high idle speed, control cable adjustment, etc.).


Series: FH Series